Complete Classification Guide For Socks

June 02,2021

Are you going to work in the sock industry? Before you work in the socks industry, I believe you have done a lot of preparations. One of the most important is the classification of socks. Of course, the material is also very important, but in this article our main focus is on the classification of socks. We will focus on the material of the socks in this article.


There are many types of socks, from long to short according to the length of the sock:


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Over the knee


Body stockings: length from toe to neck


Pantyhose/tights: length from toe to waist


Jumpsuits/leggings/underwear: length from ankle to waist


Thigh-high stockings: length from the toes to the upper middle of the thigh


Stockings/hose: length from toe to mid thigh, many styles need to be used in conjunction with garters


Above knee: length from toe to upper knee


Half leg


Knee socks/knee high: length from toe to below knee


Half-leg socks/crew socks: length from the toes to the middle of the calf


Leg warmer: non-fitting socks that cover the outside of the calf


Socks: length from toe to above ankle


Boat socks/invisible socks (anklet): length from toe to below ankle




In the 1960s, the miniskirts designed by British designer Mary Quant swept the world. Skirts were getting shorter and shorter, high stockings dwarfed, garters were abandoned, socks and panties became one, and pantyhose was born. Its comfort and convenience have still made women all over the world love it, and this model is enduring. The noun "pantyhose" appeared in the United States, meaning a combination of trousers and socks. It is called "tights" in the UK, no matter how thick or thin it is. In the United States, tights are also used to express thick opaque pantyhose-like clothing, usually worn by women, dancers and athletes.




Advantages of wearing pantyhose


There are many reasons to wear pantyhose. Transparent thin pantyhose that matches the skin tone can enhance the look and feel of the legs and make the legs look smooth and shiny. Dark pantyhose can shape the good shape of the legs and make the legs look slim. Pantyhose is a standard attire in offices in the world today, where they are regarded as a professional form of women's clothing. Some uniformed schools often require the wearing of designated socks (some are pantyhose or tights) as part of the school uniform. Girls often wear pantyhose made of cotton, wool or cotton wool for warmth in cooler weather.


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Generally refers to the stockings worn with the skirt. Although women across the centuries have chanted slogans such as "return to nature", their cheeks are sour, but they have never forgotten their feelings for the less "natural" stockings.


Boat socks


Boat socks are very short socks, so short that you can't see the socks or only the edges of the socks after wearing the shoes. The material is cotton, and the material is cotton, not pure cotton. The name "boat socks" is because the shape of the socks is like a boat, and because the length is up to the ankle, they are also called "ankle socks" or "boat socks"


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