How To Buy Pretty Socks? (Recommended)

June 03,2021

In the previous article, we talked about the detailed classification of socks. You may have determined your type and started to choose your custom sock manufacturers china. Depending on the type and positioning of your socks, you may choose multiple wholesale manufacturers. Therefore, in this article we will provide you with complete purchasing tips.


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Purchase Tips


✔️ The selection of socks


The knitting fineness of the collar and toe of the socks-good socks have finer knitting.


Stockings: feel-soft and delicate texture. Chemical fiber, spandex, nylon, elastic fiber, etc. (Pantyhose; stockings; cropped trousers-for abdomen and hip lift; nine-pointed trousers-do not have the bottom of the socks, do not often wash, suitable for spring and autumn wear; medium socks; socks.


Polyester cotton socks: contain a small amount of chemical fiber, about 30%.

Antibacterial health stockings: physical effects (non-medicinal) to achieve long-lasting antibacterial, deodorant, and anti-tinea.


Foot massage socks: invigorate blood and maintain health.


Five-finger socks: prevent athlete's foot all


Cotton socks: pure cotton, sweat-absorbing, more comfortable.


✔️ Raw materials




Usually we just like to put on pure cotton belts, however is actually complete cotton 100% cotton? The solution of the leg wear expert is no, that is actually, there are actually no 100% cotton socks. If the structure of a pair of belts is 100% cotton, then this pair of socks possesses no resilience in any way. The belts must be knitted along with a quite wide mouth to suit. It is actually possible that this pair of socks does not comply with the foot. One hundred% cotton belts have a specifically higher shrinkage fee, are actually certainly not sturdy and wearable. 100% cotton socks are actually not referred to as cotton belts, yet cotton. Commonly, belts along with a cotton information of greater than 75% may be called "cotton belts". Usually, belts with a cotton material of 85% are really high-end cotton belts. Others need to have to include some operational fibers to preserve the elasticity, fastness and convenience of the socks. Rayon, spandex, as well as nylon material are actually extremely common practical threads.




Spandex is actually commonly known as flexible thread It has higher elasticity as well as strong adaptability. Its own extended size may get to 5 to 7 opportunities that of the original fiber. The textile products with spandex can easily keep the initial shape for a long time. The make-up of the belts should contain spandex to create the socks flexible and retracting, simple to use, and also make the belts suit more closely, much like a swimwear, it can be snugly coiled the feet without doffing.


Three-rising healthy and balanced thread


Three-liter thread is actually a natural thread along with great health and wellness functions through extracting its unique wellness aspects coming from natural minerals, eco-friendly plants, and marine living things, as well as fine-tuned by means of European modern technology.


Nylon material


Nylon is the name of a man-made thread along with Chinese features. Individuals are even more acquainted with its own various other name: nylon. Hey, it's related to DuPont once more. The scientific name of nylon is Polyamide. The 1st man-made thread in China was actually Jinzhou Chemical Fiber Factory, so it was named "Nylon" Nylon material and nylon are actually similar in attributes, solid as well as wear-resistant, as well as are actually the best wear-resistant and also toughest one of artificial fibers. The weight is incredibly light, as well as the resilience is actually good. Including nylon material to the belts can easily preserve high-strength suppleness.




Nylon material is actually the 1st synthetic thread to seem on the planet. The development of nylon has actually given a new look to cloths, and its own synthesis is a significant breakthrough in the synthetic fiber field.


Bamboo fiber


The bamboo fiber cloth also possesses the characteristics of soft and also stylish, comfy to the hand, and wear-resistant, non-balling, moisture-absorbing, quick-drying, and breathable. It is actually different from cotton, wood and various other viscose fibers because it possesses excellent anti-bacterial residential or commercial properties and medical care impacts. Bamboo fiber consists of an anti-bacterial substance named "bamboo kun", which possesses natural anti-bacterial, anti-mite, and also anti-odor attributes.


✔️ Types


Stockings, medium socks, short socks and boat socks (invisible socks) are classified according to the length of the socks; household socks, Luokou socks and rubber socks are classified according to the type of socks; men's socks and women's socks And children's socks are divided according to the object of use.


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Photo printed socks, they are popular now, you can see them everywhere among young people. You can custom printed socks wholesale here and you need provide your photo too.


Compared with ordinary socks, the main advantages of digital printing socks are that the pattern selection is more free and the colors are rich. Consumers can even choose the pattern by themselves, which is more in line with the current personalized consumption.


✔️ Structure


The sock is composed of three parts: sock mouth, sock tube and sock foot. The sock feet include the heel, the sole, the back and the toe of the sock. The function of the sock mouth is to keep the edge of the sock from falling off and close to the leg. There are 5 main parameters of socks: sock size, sock bottom length, total length, mouth length and heel height.


✔️ Specification


The specifications of the socks are indicated by the sock size, and the size of the socks is based on the actual length of the socks. Therefore, you can choose the right socks after you know the length of your feet. However, due to the different raw materials used in socks, socks are also different in the sock size series. Among them, elastic nylon socks have a difference of 2cm in length as the first gear; cotton yarn socks, nylon stockings, blended socks, etc., have a difference of 1cm as the first gear.


✔️ Quality


Focus on the 6 words: "tight, loose, large, light, uniform, and clear", that is, the crotch and the sock must be tight, the bottom of the sock should be loose, the heel of the sock should be large, the surface of the sock should be smooth, and the gusset should be straight without skew and stitch patterns. The organization is clear, and the pattern, toe, and heel have no exposed needles.


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I hope these will help you to choose a socks wholesale supplier. You'd better check these factories to see if their production capacity meets your requirements. By the way, we are a professional and reliable socks manufacturer, welcome to contact us without any hesitation.