How to choose medical compression socks

July 28,2021

Medical compression socks are more professional medical equipment. The difference from general stovepipe socks is that they can be directly used to treat and prevent leg diseases, especially varicose veins. The difference between the two will be discussed in detail in this article. Its main function is related to medical and health care, so there are not many choices for its style, thickness, color, etc.


medical compression socks


Compression levels

1. Right compression stocking pressure for your leg symptoms

Compression stockings are divided into the following levels of pressure (different brands are different, for reference only)
Primary low-pressure prevention health care type (15-20mmHg): suitable for health prevention of people with high risk of varicose veins and thrombosis;

The initial treatment type of secondary middle pressure (20-30mmHg): suitable for patients with early varicose veins;

Secondary hypertension moderate treatment type (30-35mmHg): It is suitable for patients who already have obvious varicose veins in the lower limbs (the veins and blood vessels protrude from the skin surface when standing) and are accompanied by discomfort in the legs (swelling and swelling of the lower limbs, eczema) Itching, cramping, tingling, pigmentation, etc.), phlebitis, severe varicose veins during pregnancy, patients after varicose vein surgery (large and small saphenous vein stripping), patients with post-deep vein thrombosis syndrome;

Three-level high pressure severe treatment type (35-40mmHg): Suitable for patients with high swelling of the lower limbs, ulcers, darkening and hardening of the skin, high lymphedema, and recovery after plastic liposuction.


2. The length of your lesions and compression stockings

Socks (under the knee), stockings (and thighs), pantyhose (and waist)
If the wearer suffers from varicose veins only in the area below the knee, it is sufficient to wear compression stockings; if the wearer also has symptoms above the knee, it is necessary to wear long or panty compression stockings.


3. Your size

(Compression stockings are divided into small S, medium M, and large L)
Measure the three main dimensions (cm) of the wearer's legs: the circumference of the ankle (the thinnest part of the ankle), the maximum circumference of the calf and the maximum circumference of the thigh to determine the appropriate number.

Ankle circumference: The circumference of the thinnest part of the ankle. Here is the part with the highest pressure value of the elastic stockings, the pressure is 100%;

Calf circumference: The thickest circumference of the calf. The pressure here is reduced to 70-90% of the maximum pressure;

Thigh circumference: The thickest circumference of the thigh. The pressure here is reduced to 25-45% of the maximum pressure


The types of medical compression socks

You'll typically discover pair of forms of compression belts: earned a degree and anti-embolism stockings. As regularly, make certain to talk to your healthcare provider with any kind of questions you possess.


Finished compression belts are the even more popular kinds you'll discover as well as what most individuals make use of. While readily available in a variety of compression firmness, these socks are all tightest around the ankle joint, acquiring looser the higher the lower leg they go. Compression socks commonly can be found in pair of lengths-- midget and also thigh-high-- yet complete squeezing tights are actually increasing a lot more popular with athletes.


Anti-embolism stockings are actually even more particular in function. They're developed to assist preserve flow, thus preventing blood clots, for bed-bound people, specifically those restricted to bed after surgical operation.


Benefits of wearing them


Compression stockings are specially created to use tension to your reduced legs, helping to keep blood circulation as well as lessen pain as well as swelling.


They may be suggested by your GP if you possess a problem that results in bad blood flow in your lower legs, like:

  • varicose capillaries (swollen and also bigger capillaries).
  • lymphoedema (when your physical body's cells swell up).

The essential difference between medical compression stockings and stovepipe one

1. Function

Medical compression stockings are used to treat varicose veins, vasculitis, venous thrombosis and other lower limb venous diseases.

Stovepipe socks are used for thin legs and beautiful legs.

2. Materials

Medical compression stockings are medical compression stockings made of special materials with high elasticity such as DuPont Lycra and cotton.

Stovepipe socks are made of common materials such as nylon silk, so the price of stovepipe socks is also cheap.

3. Units

Medical compression stockings are divided into units according to pressure, and medical compression stockings are generally divided into:

  • The primary pressure is mainly to prevent varicose veins;
  • The secondary pressure is mainly the treatment of mild varicose veins and the recovery treatment after varicose vein surgery;
  • The third grade pressure is mainly the treatment of severe varicose veins.
  • The unit of stovepipe socks is Deny number (D), such as 180D, 240D, 280D, 360D, 420D, etc. The higher the Danny number, the greater the pressure.


If I want medical compression stockings for my legs, do I need to ask a doctor?

My advice is needed. It is best to ask the doctor for advice. They also have their own ways of wearing them. Improper wearing may cause other consequences.


custom printed compression socks


Do custom printed compression socks and medical one differ?

There are different categories of medical compression socks, which are finer than custom printed compression socks. If you need medical, it is recommended to buy medical, but medical can be used for football, basketball, running and other sports.