Things need to know before purchasing custom printed compression socks

September 30,2021

More and more people like to wear compression socks now. Why compression socks are so popular. And some manufacturer provide custom printed compression socks to satisfy different peoples’ aesthetic. Here I give some tips should be helpful before you buy a compression sock.


Vein expert Dr. Eugene iqinos firmly believes that compression socks are not only suitable for patients, but also for himself. He once stood on a chair in a speech and showed off his compression socks to help improve his blood circulation while standing all day. Compression socks work by promoting blood flow in the legs. The squeezing of socks gently pushes the blood flow to the legs, which helps to prevent swelling and even blood clots. However, before going to the store or browsing online, there are some things you should consider to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from compressed socks.


custom printed compression socks

Tips on buying compression socks

First of all, all compression socks are not the same. "The quality, size, durability of materials and the compression or pressure provided by clothing will eventually become the final product," Dr. ichiase explained. Some very economical support hoses are not sized by carefully measuring your legs. They are labeled small, medium and large, but the amount of compression provided is unknown.


Doctors advise patients to know two important things before choosing compression socks: the amount of compression and the required size. Your health care provider will advise you on the level of compression you need, as well as measuring your legs to ensure that you are installed in a proper compression sock. However, you can also measure your compression socks. Before swelling occurs in the morning, measure the circumference of your ankle (around your ankle), the circumference of your lower leg and the length of your lower leg (sitting at a 90 degree angle from knee to heel). Use the size guide on the compression sock package to find the size that suits you. If you have any questions about the appropriate compression level for you, please contact your health care provider.


The degree of compression ranges from mild compression to super strength compression:

  • Mild compression 15-20 mmHg: prevent and relieve mild to moderate varicose veins, relieve fatigue leg pain, and relieve slight swelling of feet and legs.
  • Moderate compression 20-30 mmHg: prevention and relief of moderate to severe varicose veins, treatment of moderate to severe lymphedema, treatment of active ulcer or post thrombotic syndrome.
  • Firm compression 30-40 mmgh: ulcer treatment, post thrombotic syndrome.


Some patients are not recommended to wear compression socks like people have peripheral arterial occlusive disease in lower limbs. For pressure from compressed stockings can aggravate ischemic diseases. Diabetes patients are at increased risk of complications, because neuropathy makes them feel no change in their feet.



Compression socks are favored by athletes, girls. However, if patients want to wear compression socks, they need to wear under the instruction of doctors. Ascen provides various prints of compression socks, if any interest, welcome to contact.