Wearing compression socks while running

June 10,2021

More and more runners are beginning to choose colorful compression equipment when running, such as compression socks, high socks and compression pants, are they useful for running? Guys, image what will happen after wearing compresssion socks while running?


Firstly, we have a penchant for sharing more about the compression equipment, which is good for your running equipment selction.


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Compression equipment


Compression equipment is based on a basic medical concept: compressing fabrics with elastic gradients can exert physical pressure and promote blood and lymph flow in the body. In sports, the purpose of compression equipment design is to use gradient elasticity to improve athletic performance and speed up recovery. Although there is still controversy over compression equipment, a considerable part of the research shows that compression equipment does have a certain effect.


Can compression socks improve running speed?


The principle of compression socks to improve performance. Actually, whether it improve your running speed is not sure in some scientific study, most runners grade is similar with normal, but we are sure that it relieves your deep fatigue during the hard running.


By squeezing blood vessels, compression stockings aim to allow more blood and oxygen to be transported to the muscles, so that oxygen and energy substances can enter the muscles faster, while also helping metabolic waste and carbon dioxide to be expelled from the muscles faster. In theory, this will help improve energy production efficiency and allow runners to run faster. There are colorful compression socks wholesale online and physical shop, you can find nice one.


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Does compression socks have a positive effect on athletic performance?


A study by the University of Newcastle in the United Kingdom found that in high-intensity endurance running, lower limb compression clothing can increase blood flow and reduce heart rate, which means that this research supports the selling point that compression equipment can improve athletic performance.


However, similar studies have found that compressed clothing does not make runners run faster. For example, wearing compression socks does not improve the 10 km performance. What caused the inconsistent research results? The reasons may have the following three aspects:


It may be due to the fact that some studies are not very accurate and the measurement methods are not standard, resulting in false experimental results;


After wearing compression equipment, the performance did improve, but the improvement was too small. From a statistical point of view, there is no significant difference compared with not wearing compression equipment;


After wearing compression socks, the increase in socks weight offset the positive impact of compression socks on performance. This sounds incredible, but the weight of compression socks is about 85 grams, which is actually not light. The weight of the socks does increase the burden of exercise, thereby offsetting the benefits of compression socks.


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Compression socks function


Compression equipment has a limited effect in improving sports performance. It is hoped that compression socks can be used to improve pace. Basically, it is not very useful, and it is useful also from psychological effects.


The compression equipment is more effective in eliminating muscle pain and promoting fatigue recovery. Therefore, runners can not only wear compression socks when running, but also after running, especially after running a marathon, they can also change to a pair of clean compression socks, which can speed up the elimination of fatigue.


The argument that compression socks can improve running performance is to a large extent to reduce your fatigue and make you more motivated. The most important thing is to practice your skills. Relying on the help of compression socks, you will be better get a bigger advantage in running. If you need nice colorful compression socks, please click here.


We all experienced the "difficulty" that we were exhausted in a long runing process, if you want to reduce the pain it brought to you, it may be a good option for wearing compression socks while running.


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