What are crew socks?

September 24,2021

Crew socks refer to medium size socks that fall somewhere between the ankle and the knee. Properly speaking, we call socks with a length of six to eight inches crew sock. Crew socks could date back to the mid 1940’s, so they have a long history. And we will talk about the success secret of this socks.


crew socks

The history about crew socks


The crew socks first came to popular in the late 1940’s. it is said that there was a gang setting up by a leader who was a rather tough guy named Kelly. They usually wore white crew socks which made them distinguished from others. One summer day there was a robbery happened in a local store and Kelly’s gang stopped the robbery. And then they started to cooperate with the local police in some of the worst neighborhoods in town. Because their hero actions were reported by a young reporter, Kassandra Philippin, they became famous soon. That reporter put forward  the name  “CREW SOCKS” in her articles which lives on even through today. 


Generally, they are usually thick daily socks which are ribbed above the top of the ankles and  made of a bled of cotton, polyester and spandex. They can provide a suitable feeling for you in different temperatures.


Crew socks in the summer days


Beside the common fabric such as cotton, polyester and spandex crew socks are made of different types of material, including wool, bamboo, silk, cashmere and many more. You had better to pick a lighter material in the summer to allow your feet to ‘breathe’ freely. By the way, pick a pair of cotton crew socks would be the most economical choice as the cotton in the crew sock gives it the ability to absorb and wick away sweat. As we all know, the foot actually produces more sweat than any part of the body. This helps provide a tremendous advantage keeping your foot both cool and extremely dry, especially during hot weather conditions.


Although you may prefer wearing ankle socks in hot summer days, the extra height that crew socks offering makes them a better choice for preventing those annoying midges and insects from attacking your ankles when you are out or about for a walk.


Crew socks in the winter days


As we mentioned above, there are many kinds of socks with different fabrics. So you can also wear crew socks in winter and we advise you to go for a warmer version, such as cashmere or wool to give you some extra warmth and cushioning for your feet. Besides that you can also choose polyester crew socks which are much cheaper than wool or cashmere socks. Socks manufacturers usually add polyester to make socks more tough, so we know that polyester has a strong ability of worn resistance. Polyester socks suit for people who are suffering skin fissure as this type socks could keep the warm in a cold day. Blank polyester socks also suits for people who have wrong walking posture accelerating the wearing out speed.



Finally, they are good types of socks to choose for casual wear, as they offer numerous options, matching almost any style of outfit and can be changed easily to a new pair of socks if they get wet or dirty.


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